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Read what some clients have had to say about Dream Hair...
(All testimonials can be found on the Dream Hair facebook page under Review, go check out our actual clients!)






"Dream Hair has changed my life (as cliche as it sounds) I do my hair once a week and it lasts, no more frizzy unmanageable hair, I allow it to air dry, I use minimal products on it and it has not damaged my own hair. In my personal life as well as my business it has given me that extra boost of confidence...not to mention its the softest extensions i have ever felt...dont think i can go without." - Allie

"The best ever I have been a client for 6 years Rachel is amazing "- Pam

"Rachel you are the best!!" - Dana

"Dream Hair is AMAZING! Ray Leah offers fantastic, quality hair. She is a business owner who truly cares about her clients and the quality of the work she does. I LOVE my Dream Hair and would recommend her in a heartbeat. This business has a great, well-deserved reputation. ♥" - Kate

"Rachel obviously has a great talent and a super savy business women. I love that she grows with the need for new hair trends and styles and adapts her business to cater to every women's (or men's) needs. A wonderful product and a wonderful person to represent it. Keep on doing your thing girl!" - Jess

"I see how you charge girls and women's self esteem you make them feel soo good about themselves. .i would love one day to have my hair done by you. you can tell you take pride and joy in your work." -Stacie

"dream hair is amazing ! Ray Leah just saved my life after a terrible at home hair chop, day before something really special, she was amazing! fit me in in perfect time, made me feel beautiful again !! huge confidence booster ! am soooo happy i found her ! just wonderful!" - Nicole

"Dream Hair is amazing. Rachel's super professional, fast, and fun. The hair itself was thick and so comfortable. I've worn clip in extensions and glued, but they weren't even close to being as comfortable as the hot fusion Rachel uses. I'm definitely going to get them again!! LOVE!!" - Daneilin

"There was a part of me for a long time that wanted to get my long & thick hair back that I once had. I sat on it like crazy and didn't have a good understanding of all the newer types of extensions that were available out there! I was annoyed with clip-ins, sew-in's, and was searching for something reliable and more "permanent". Once I found Dream Hair I was speechless after the installation and I absolutely loved them!!! I stood their and babbled in joy for about 10 minutes after hahaha!!! I am constantly looking for new idea's and styles to get ready for my next visit with Rachel." - Jennifer

"I have experimented with many many hair extensions purchased online and from stores and installed at hair salons, and these are by far the best. I am so happy with them! :D so much hair for such an amazing price by an amazing person! having dream hair helps lift some depression off my shoulders . This is my first set but I can't wait to get more and try different colours" - Lease

"Loooooove getting luscious locks from the beautiful Ray Leah!" - Jessica

"Amazing. That is the only way to describe how I feel when I'm rocking a brand new head of Dream Hair! The quality, quanity and price is EXCEPTIONAL. I have never seen any other company compare!" - Brooklin

"Ray is very good at what she does! The hair is exactly what you want it to be; real hair, natural looking, and any colors you want. I would recommend this service to anyone looking for a new look and great service:)!" - Ashley

"I'm in love. Last night, my husband asked if I was addicted to my hair. Ummmmm...kinda?" - Lisa Marie

"I loved my Dream Hair ! I had three different sets and all of them lasted around 6-8 months for me :) I was very satisfied with my hair and Ray's service!" - Amber

"I've been a Dream Hair client for over 2 years and I'm an addict! My hair won't grow (if it did it was very slow) and since having extensions my hair is finally growing :) I find my hair is less work with extensions cause I can put it in a pony,bun,curl it whatever I choose for that day, which I couldn't do with short hair. I <3 Dream hair" - Mandy

"Professional, Beautiful Products and GREAT atmosphere, Ray is a wonderful lady and GREAT at her job!! I would recommend her to EVERYONE!! I know I'll be seeing her again!! LOVE DREAM HAIR ♥" - Jamie

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